September 14, 2022Bookkeeping

What Is FICA? Is It The Same As Social Security?

Content How FICA Taxes Are Calculated Step 2: Assess whether compensation exceeds the annual Social Security wage base SPONSOR OFFERS State Minimum Wage Charts A few payments are exempt from federal income tax withholding but...

June 9, 2021Bookkeeping

Cash Larceny How to Identify and Prevent Cash Theft

Content Documentation Required for Charitable Donations Marcum New England Construction Summit OUR OFFICE Organize regular audits Description of Point of Sale Fraud • Use of a daily remote deposit option may reduce the opportu...

April 22, 2020Bookkeeping

Mich Court Rules Chap 2 Civil Procedure

Content Common Law Equal Application Superiority Of The Law 2 Schools Of Legal Thought B Core Principles Of The Rule Of Law Status In Various Jurisdictions Since I take them to be part and parcel of the rule of law ideal, I ...

March 26, 2020Bookkeeping

Paid Vacation

Content How to achieve pay parity: Employer’s guide paid vacation Paid Time Off Paid Vacation Rights for Employees American job postings offering “open” or “unlimited” PTO grew 178% between 2015 and 2019. Use-it-or-...

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